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A duvel triple hop citra to wash down the homemade pizza and spicy tomato garlic bread.
Changed to a lager/Kolsch tonight…..it’s been in the keg since late December so ready now….although it’s not crystal clear. Tastes fantastic with a lovely while head and lacing, next time I’d maybe up the ibu slightly.

It’s a Schiehallion recipe from an old book I got a hold of called Real Ale for homebrewer by Marc Ollosson. Lots of great recipes in there although you have to think a bit to modernise them.



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I loved it, I’ll probably go and watch it again at the local indie cinema.
Haven't seen anything I was fussed about going to the cinema for for a while now 3 films I want to see..
Dune pt2
Civil war
Ghostbusters 😋 trying to convince my 7 year son to watch Afterlife first so he wants to see the next one.

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