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I enjoyed that so I’m having another. My wife is having a small imperial. It’s lashing down here so the walk to the bar and back is a bit like running the gauntlet.

Another great day in the garden after an almost rainless March and a good couple of soakings my greenhouse door now closes. I am sad when summer finishes along with my last tomatoes but filled with anticipation planting for my winter veg. Peas, cabbage, cauli, broccoli, lettuce, broad beans, daikon the list goes on.
Last of my summer leeks picked and the last of my first keg of Poes Boston Bitter, one more to go.


Not finishing for the evening but a Nancy Naylor before I leave the back paddock and report for kitchen duties.
2nd daughter has the best job. Tesco reduced these down but they had some left when the promotion ended so she got to take them free. 6 bottles shared amongst the staff and she wouldn’t drink them so I got the call to collect.
Not a great whiskey but will do with a drop of coke
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Keg-conditioned Poes Boston Bitter, if it was an American who came up with this recipe he has done very well. A well-balanced Ordinary Bitter. Drink this till the cows come home.
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Great head and good lacing, a magnificent ordinary bitter.
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Another satisfying beer, a pale ale, Nancy Naylor Landlady, great aftertaste of Styrian Goldings. Delicious beer.
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The ingredients for the Poe's bitter arrived today. I put the recipe into Brewfather and it looks a lot simpler than on the web page for some reason so I'm going to make it as per the recipe.
Just got back from Folkestone where we went for lunch at a Turkish restaurant followed by a couple of beers in a local pub - a very nice Romney bitter. No pictures I’m afraid but here’s one of my Pirate Pale which I’m enjoying in the garden as the clouds are breaking and the sun has come out.


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