What are you drinking tonight 2023.

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Whats frangelico or am i a philistine

Hazelnut Liqueur. Bloody lovely in a coffee, or Espresso Martini.

Oh no!! Ive gone frankenstien again.

Braggart 18L
Simply Ale kit ( notts alle yeast glued underneath?)
2.2 kg supermarket honey ( replace kit suggested 1kg Brew sugar)
SG 1.065 19/10/2023 piched at constant 20°C
1.010 17/11/2023

Interfered with long ferment 17/11/2023

1L Asda Tropical fruit cordial ( searching for preservatives to kill ferment)

23/11/2023 1.014 8L cloudy cordial has woken yeast, and raised gravity unlikely it will NOT taste good, just want it to settle. 7°C daytime tomorrow maybe a cold crash yeast kull outside weekend. Teabag. I forgot tannins.

Or maybe I just bin it and stick to youtube videos
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