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Kent Gold check.
Yep, very pleased.
I'm hoping there is still some left by the time it's perfect.
I had to Google what the difference was between an East Coast IPA and a NEIPA when I poured this, as I assumed both were the same and therefore expected a hazy pour with a punch in the face of citrusy aromas. This one from Williams Brothers, as it's an East Coast IPA, didn't pour hazy and didn't have that punch! However, it's a great beer - citrus and maybe some piney aroma, and the flavour is bitter, but not in your face bitter. I really like this style and will look out for other examples.

(Drinking this while making a mulled wine for the wife and I to sip as soon as the wee man gets to bed!)


Hi, great looking beer, looks like it was worth the effort.
What malt/adjuncts do you put the beautiful colour down to? Nothing too outlandish I hope. 🍺+🐞+🥩?

😂 Nothing too dramatic, brewday write up here. Alastair70s brewdays

The 2022 LAB entry this iteration evolved from is here. Irish Red - LAB entry brew

The creaminess that mixed gas gives means the roast malts need pushed and the caramel malts pulled back a bit.

Well 3 days later and the Kent Gold ale is now clear.
Only problem for the photo was that it's so damned cold in the garage where it's stored that the glass immediately condensed up when I came back into the kitchen. Honest.
When checked from above, I could read the beer mat clearly through the beer and stem.
No photo of that as I needed to taste it.
Interesting one this. I had a Wilko (Rip) Cervesa kit that someone gave me for Christmas ages ago. It was going out of date so I thought I'd have a play with it. So I added 1kg of beer enhancer, 500g light spray malt, 500g of dark spray malt, a tin of T&L BlackTreacle and I think 500g if Barbados cane sugar. Popped it in the FV with a couple of sashes of CML Belgian yeast from their Beer range. This was nearly a year back, possibly longer.

Fermented like a demented thing. Packaged it in a cornie, naturally primed and left it for a while. Initially, it was very kit twangy and super Belgian spicy. Then, it got a bit bubble gummy, then a few months later way, way, WAY too bubblegummy, the black treacle was too dominant and was refusing to clear so I forgot about it.

I was tidying up my cornies tonight and one was full, and I remembered what it was.

It's not bad! Slightly bubblegummy and slightly spicey. Black treacle has mellowed considerably. Nice carbonation. Still cloudy, which is odd - it's garage temp, so about 4°c.

Very drinkable. Warms the cockles.

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