What are you drinking tonight 2023.

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My keg of bitter just kicked but no need to panic, I have another ready to go on tap. Slight haze as the first pint from the keg but also a nice fresh malty flavour and a gorgeous foamy head.

Just got back from..Xmas work night out. Beers in a good cask ale pub, had a nice pint of of Timothy Taylor's on cask. Then a few pints of lager in the Indian.
Went to a pub after and had a couple pale ale'e. Taxi home for apple pie and imperial porter which was door 9 of the advent box
I’m having a glass of my Belgian Blonde but since I last had a glass it’s become more dry, the sweet malt has become more like cracker malt, and the esters have faded somewhat. Reading the BJCP Guide it might actually be more appropriate to the style but I like strong Belgian esters. Shame.

It’s possible I’ve just invented Belgian Pils! 😂

The aforementioned Marlish porter. Tastes like coffee !!! And chocolate ice cream.

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No idea where the coffee flavour came from, SWMBO reckoned it tasted like an espresso martini.

Dug out my brew records as I really liked it and the notes said 'first brew with Grainfather'. I don't have one so I was confused for a while. Searched on here and I was part of a Grainfather trial at the time, a few of us got to use one for a couple of weeks so we could give feedback. Forgot all about it :roll:.

My notes say I bottled it on day 8 after a two day cold crash. So fermented it for 6 days and then conditioned it for 8 years :D.

I'm thinking of doing a split batch, one half following the original recipe and the other with some coffee in it to simulate an 8 year condition.

Water might be a problem, can you stuff 400mg/ltr of carbonate into RO water ?
I know i have been, it's like Liverpool just gets a bad rep acheers.
I love Liverpool. I‘ve just had a couple of mulled wines with a load of Erdinger as a chaser at the Christmas market.
My only complaint is that my hotel was out of Guinness yesterday. That usually doesn’t become a problem until after I’ve checked in😂
Blimey, long wait for food, fancied something different, meantime pale ale. Pretty tasteless to be honest. A dusting of the centennial, chinook, simcoe and citra perhaps.

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Reminds me of when I was really into writing and recording music. I got to the point where I was analysing commercial music so much it was difficult to just listen and enjoy.
Back home and cooking cottage pie with frozen waffles on the top instead of mash (told you I'm not ar$ed in December) 😂

Poured these drinks while I cook. I'm having a nitro espresso martini which is incredibly nice and I'm surprised as they usually suck in cans. Jim is on the Northern Monk stuff.

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