Wherry Carbonation / Bottling Advice Pls?

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Oct 5, 2023
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Just returned to home brewing after a long break, so a complete novice with only a couple of brews behind me (a Bulldog IPA from pouch which I bottled a month ago, which having just tried the 1st one, is very nice; also a Youngs APA which was a bit of a disaster, as I over tightened a barrel, dislodge the washer leading to an oxidised unpleasant experience which I tipped down the drain - live & learn!).

Anyway, back to present, I bottled a successful first fermentation of Wherry 3 days ago.

I used 1L PET bottles, as I did for the Bulldog IPA, and primed them with 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar (which according to the 1/2 teaspoon per pint instructions, should have been ample). After leaving an inch / inch & a half space when filling the bottles, I then squeezed the air out of this space before screwing on the cap (which I had read was a good idea, & which I had also done with the Bulldog IPA).

Three days later secondary carbonation has obviously occurred as all the bottles now have an inch or so's CO2 under the screwcap, however the bottles remain very squidgy (they are in a warm place). I am posting today to ask the question whether you think I have primed the bottles with enough sugar (with the Bulldog IPA, the instructions which I followed directed twice as much sugar and those bottles were fully firmed up in 48hrs).

I appreciate 3 days is not a long time and hopefully the secondary fermentation will continue and the bottles will firm up, but I am concerned that if the priming sugar has already been consumed by the yeast, I'll remain with squidgy bottles and flat beer.

If the bottles do not firm up in the coming few days, is the best source of action to re-prime them with more sugar? If so, should this be another teaspoon or more than this amount?

Thanks, I'll appreciate any thoughts from those more experienced as I learn.

P.S. Sorry this is a re-post as I posted in the wrong part of the forum previously, I'll take that one down.
Yes, 1 teaspoon of sugar in 1L bottles is plenty (for ales I use 1/4 tsp per 500ml bottle.

It normally takes up to two weeks to carbonate/condition. All is normal