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Oct 23, 2021
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Rhondda Valleys
One of my first forays into the world of home brew wine making was the 6 bottle WineBuddy merlot kit. I started it off in January 2021, and bottled it in February 2021, where it came out at 11.8%.

After 3 months, I tried a bottle and it was more like a weak rose than a merlot, so I put the remaining 5 bottles in my shed, and if I’m honest, I forgot about them. Roll on a year and a bit, and I ‘found’ the 5 bottles, so thought I’d try one, and it’s a completely different wine! The taste and depth of flavours has improved immensely and is unrecognisable from the first bottle from about a year ago, and it’s really, really nice.

Has anyone had any similar experiences with this kit?

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