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This is where I am. I have modified my BM20 (more that a bit) and love it.

I don't think there are many that upgrade/swap.
It’s a good question. Nothing I have seen makes me think anything is significantly better than my klarstein so not really. If I had a dedicated space I would like a 3V system rather than a more expensive AIO.
I’ll keep my BrewDevil going until it dies. Ideally I should have bought a 40L instead of a 30L but other than that I love it.

Having said that if my parents fancy buying me something really nice for my 40th I wouldn’t say no to a shiny new Grainfather or something.
I have the klarstein maischfest - I'd be very happy with a 'better' machine, but there is no way I'm buying one until this dies. It makes great beer, people made beer for centuries without recirculating pumps, so I'm sure I can manage.

They had one of their fancier machines in sale at some point this year and I was tempted, but right now I don't think that is the part of my process that needs improving.
And after a beer I glowed green for 32 hours a day.

Will stick with my BZ 3.1.1 until it needs replacing.

Not sure I'm so impressed by the v4 things I've heard so far so would need to do a lot of research if I need anything else anytime soon.
I had my old cobbled together 3v system for many years and made loads of great beers. Bought a BZ last year and 10 brews in and I still can't get the hang of the damm thing but I am determined so probably not. Just need to swallow my pride and start asking for more advice.
Thats interesting - what didnt you like about the g40/ what do you prefer about the bz?
What I didn't like about the G40:

1. Too big and heavy. The CIP was a PITA; it is so much easier to put the BZ beside the sink and hose it clean. I estimate that I save half an hour compared with the G40.
2. The grain basket on the G40 allows too much malt to escape. I used setting 5 on the GF grain mill on both machines and virtually nothing escapes the grain basket on the BZ.
3. The bottom screen on the G40 is a poor design as many users have said on various social media. The bottom screen on the BZ G4 is much better and lets almost nothing through.
4. The way the G40 is plumbed, with everything going through the pump to get to the tap is a blockage waiting to happen. The BZ pipework is re-routable to prevent this. In fact I fitted a second tap and tee piece to my G40 to avoid this.

The two main reasons I bought the G40 were:

1 I was sick of boil-overs on my previous BZ Gen.3. The BZ extension piece solves this problem as it brings the capacity up to that of the G40 - I usually boil about 29 litres for a 24 litre quantity in the fermenter.
2 The control panel on the BZ Gen.3 was too near the floor for my aged back and knees - not a problem with the BZ Gen.4
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