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I love black pudding and could eat it by the yard. Except for the Spanish version- morcillas- which is absolutely mingin'
Good old Black Pudding Bertha world champion of that most deadly of the marital arts, Ecky Thump.
Here's the song:

morcilla no es minging
It is gently boiled at the start to solidify the sausage, you then buy that sausage and re-cook it in your own fashion.
I think, at least with English black puddings, the long straight sausages are meant to be sliced and fried. The ones gathered in a horseshoe shape are often boiled. Both are lovely. One thing I have noticed is that it's much harder to find any with the little cubes of pig fat in them that used to be so prevalent when I was a young lad (50 years ago). It's a shame because I rather liked those, although they're probably very bad for the heart.
Easy to make one's own, cheap too. Silicone loaf tin works well and slices nicely. OK for frying but not simmering, I do prefer simmering but I like fried as well. Made about 3 kg

IMG_0330.JPG IMG_0331 - Copy.JPG IMG_0332.JPG IMG_0333.JPG
Except for the Spanish version- morcillas- which is absolutely mingin'
Many moons ago we went to Northern Spain and on the first night walked down to a bar and I had a plate of Black Pudding and my wife had a plate of garlic mushrooms. She hated Black pudding, however what we had changed her mind to this day. It was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t tell you what sort it was.

The funny thing was it was about 9:00 pm and we asked if they were serving food as we were the only ones in, thinking they’d stopped serving. Come 11 it was packed.
Never made black pudding. I make all of our bread and cure bacon. Maybe I should give it a go!
Where does one source the blood? Local butchers? Not Tesco lol
I got mine from Scotland, I have a feeling that our food laws in Victoria have prohibited the sale of pigs blood. The blood is dried and just needs to be rehydrated. This is what I followed, I have been having it every morning since I made it.

My home-cured and lightly smoked proper bacon.
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From Scotland! That's a bit daft innit! Can it be made with other types of blood?
I tried everywhere to get pigs' blood there is a pig farm not too far from me that breeds Large Black pigs I did ask them, and they send their pigs off to be slaughtered and get every bit back bar the blood. I am certain there will be someone importing dried pigs' blood into Victoria or drying it but I couldn't locate it anywhere.
I have never thought why it has to be pig's blood, I have seen pigs being slaughtered, when they cut their throats it isn't just the blood that ends up in the trough, they let everything go.
Maybe in Scotland they make sure they have empty bladders and bowels.

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