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As an all grain virgin I'm looking at planning/recipe/notes apps. Ideally something that is as easy to use as possible. I'll be using Brewzilla Gen 4.
The two main ones seem to be Brewfather and Beersmith.
Is there anything else worth considering?

Use apps for this and that, but buy a book and work it with a pad & pen.
Learn to brew, it will be far more rewarding than just following the little blue line 😁

"I made this beer " gives you a big grin. "Brewers Friend made this beer" not so much 😁
I'm a bit of a caveman when it comes to
tech and software but I've found Brewfather very user friendly, it helped my understanding of the whole process when I began all grain brewing ( even though my process is about as basic as you can get ).
I do keep written notes as I brew but it's good to have everything backed up and easily accessible.
I don't really understand how software is making beer for you. I use BeerSmith routinely but design all my recipes on how I want my beer to taste. BeerSmith can't do that.
Yes. I use Beersmith to record my recipes and to help with water addition calculations. I then print the brew sheet as a reference on brew day.
It is me who designs the recipe and brews the beer, not Beersmith
BrewFather for me, just works well across the web and apps on multiple devices and you can get readings in from RAPT Pill, iSpindle, Tilt etc as well as Plaato kegs and other bits and bobs.
Calculations/predictions are usually pretty accurate for gravity and water volumes and it has a good list of ingredients from most maltsters and hop providers.
It's also cheap at £20 a year.
I settled on Brewers Friend and have been quite happy with it. The water treatment part had me struggling at first but there's a very good youtube on it. No trouble since I watched that.

Brewfather was in the running too but at the time it didn't support CRS/AMS (or at least, not well). I don't know if that's still the case.
Used BeerSmith when I started out. Am now using Brewfather as I got an iSpindel and wanted the integration, works fine on web/iPad/phone and I prefer the brew day experience using it.

Fair to say it takes a few brews to dial in your equipment profile but that applies to any software.
Do you prefer one to the other?
morning pal,
tbh i like the look of brewfather in the pc. not so much on mobile.
i’ll always put the recipe both in beersmith and brewfather and see any changes or anything i’ve missed!
love tinkering.
but after all these years i spent days getting a recipe for Bllack IPA to guidelines on brewfather..
only thing i struggle with is if your guidelines are off hard to set water profiles! hope this makes sence?
as in beersmith i think i have more experience.
thiunk i started brewers friend.
i’ll like to try this and how i got on

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