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Sep 29, 2022
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Texas Homebrewer. Been brewing for about 7ish years now - Wow time flys... Last 5ish have been all grain.

Currently running and Anvil direct fire and Hellfire combo. I brew in the bag on my set up. I also have a cooler mash ton that I use sometimes still trying to piece that together and iron out some of the kinks.

I was bottling everything up until about March of this year. Finally got the keezer issues figured out. I still bottle condition from time to time and I still enjoy it - I was think though on the last round of bottling though how much easier it was to keg...

I joined a homebrew club about 2 years ago now. Until then I was mostly a Stout and Hefeweizen type of guy. Since the challenges that they host and team brew offs that we put on I have learned a lot, like I really enjoy a good Saison/ Farmhouse, Dubbel, among a lot of other styles. I have been writing my own recipes for about 3 years now, Some of my favorites are Roggenbier, Kentucky Common, Berliner Weisse (Kettle Sour), A Mixed Fermentation that I pitched some botttle drags on, my Father's Day/ Birthday Stout.

I do use/ and have used a good amount of Kveik yeast, But due to competing in my brew club to the local competitions I normally don't use that yeast and try to stay closer to style. Mostly I ferment at room temp. I have been able to put together two temperature controlled fermentation set ups - One for cool ferments and lagering, the other for warm when using Kveik and Kettle Souring.

Whelp that's about all that I can think of that make me interesting off the top of my head.

Cheers Y'all!

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