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Aug 9, 2019
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I'm planning on brewing this again in the next week or two. I've done two versions previously - one with citra/mosaic and the other with simcoe/amarillo (dropped the base malt a little on this one to reduce the abv by 1%). Both came out excellent.
Looking for a hop pairing to try this time around. It's a nice fruity NEIPA with slight bitterness from some 60 min chinook. What should I try for a change? I'll be ordering the hops from Crossmyloof Brew - Brewery Supplies, so pretty much anything goes!
Yeast likely to be voss kveik, but open to suggestions there too.


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Obvious direction to go is New Zealand - Nelson Sauvin with anything like Riwaka, Nectaron, Motueka - or Strata.

Personally I've never had a hazy that was improved by using Voss, and several that were ruined by it so my personal taste would say - don't use Voss. One of the 1318 London Ale derivatives like Verdant would be the obvious choice if you've not used it before, otherwise most British yeasts will work, even something like S-04.
Citra-Mosaic is a classic. Galaxy incognito and spectrum adds a great extra dimension.

As a complete alternative I’ve had great success with a combination of Amarillo, El Dorado, Ekuanot, Mosaic. It’s what Deya’s Steady Rolling Man uses.

But then I’m using 100g of each, 40g whirlpool, 60g dry hop.
If you are after a NEIPA I wouldn't be using voss or 04 yeasts. I would also drop the 60 minute addition.

As for hop pairings
Idaho 7/Strata

Any of the super fruity ones will work
I’d go for a triple - Mosaic, Cascade, Citra. Boil additions, hopstand additions, dry hop, and keg hop. Also drop the bittering addition as suggested by @Leon because you’ll get enough bitterness from all the other additions.

Yeast would probably be Verdant but I’ve been given one called “Saturated” from WHC that I’m looking forward to trying.

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