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Well all this talk of pizza Today I decided to take the somewhat redundant Wood fired oven out of retirement ( not used it for 2 years ) My intention was just to warm it up and see if it was still intact !
Long story short couldn’t resist so threw a quick pizza together. Not my best but passable 😋.


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My first attempt at using sour dough for my pizza dough. I was actually surprised how easy it was (using a 72 hour cold ferment). As for the sour dough starter I’m afraid it’s not a 200 year old Italian one but a two week old Oxfordshire starter.

Taste wise it’s pretty good, I’ve being doing 72 hour cold ferments using the Ooni app recipie so not exactly much more hassle. Pizza Toppings I kept simple tomato, buffalo mozzarella and salami.
We had very good pizzas using Ken Forkish's "I slept in but I want pizza tonight" dough.
They were cooked on the Ooni and so good they had gone before I thought to take a photo.
Tonight it was the 24/48 hour dough, cooked in the top oven on a steel, boosted by the grill.
Again they were eaten before any photos were taken.
Recently treated myself to an Ooni after months and months of saying I couldn't justify it. Think I've cooked about 30 pizzas in as many days on it, and it's been worth every penny. Cooking pizza in the oven on a steel still works fine and I imagine I'll move back to that over the winter, but damn that 90 second cook is something...

Also discovered that a cheesy garlic bread (garlic paste, oil and pre grated mozzarella) on a 72h sourdough goes down a treat!
It's not the money justification you need to evaluate...its the enjoyment factor.
We're here for a good time not a long time.
Amen brother. That's a motto we should all adhere to!

Also I'm having pizza again tonight, hah!

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