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Planned to have one of my Amber's but it finished..just enough to dirty the glass..so onto the Belgian pale and time to get the Altbier in the kegerator
Some nostalgic stubbies today.

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from those days when I thought I was being sophisticated :laugh8:

I remember doing an audio visual DJ set for my old employer with a stash of Belgian beer by my side. - five flags/six flags from asda in 500ml bottles with a stack of poppadoms. used winamp for visualizations on a huge projected screen. it was quite phenomenal for its time. Everyone loved the gig on Monday it was great gig, love what you did with ........

I was like I did???

not much recollection thanks to the beer. :oops:
over the last few days....

6th birthday dipa - stunningly good

A great mid range VC sour


Lovely weizenbock


Hmmm.... Another 6th Birthday DIPA


Cromarty's Answer to Brewdog's Mr. President athumb..


supercharged from Dark element brew co. Top quality beerriff like hazy. Amazing


This was a treat from the brewer fresh from the canning line. It's a lighter west coast style that sells better than the west coast beers we both like.


oh 6th Birthday dipa again :laugh8: it's fruitier canned and a bit more bitter on draught. both are amazing for slightly different reasons.


Verdant vs Garage Uncensored Sports Parade.
I should have had this first as the other beers had more punch this was a decent beer but just felt more neutral the the last 3 beers.


I did have a dipa-matic incident to finish off after I cycled home 8.5 miles with 6 takeaways :laugh8:.

It wasn't the best of the session BUT it totally worked well with the other beers and was a great way to end the evening.

I also learnt there's a verdant beerriff collab happening soon with a brew in verdant and the following week a brew in beerriff with a Verdant TTO in beerriff in 2 weeks. praying for whale sharks. 🙏. Lightbulb comes nowhere near the 'riff beers at the same abv. I get it's a gateway beer but I passed through that gate 10 years ago :cool:
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