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After last night's debacle proof that there is a higher power . Heretic brewing Evil Twin from TMM one of my all time favourite, brewed 500 days ago and long thought finished.

Found a single bottle in brewshed (garage)
Last one for me, serious depth of flavour. Good to see the big boys also struggle with head retention on big stouts. At home brew level it's very difficult when you start adding flavouring like coffee, cocoa, vanilla, oak. The oils seem to kill the head
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That's an interesting point. Oils can kill the head. It hadn't occurred to me but makes sense.
Nice tipple. I've only had the 10 year old. Why did you prefer it to the 15 years old?
I've only had the 10 year old, my palate isn't that educated when it comes to whisky so I just go with what is on offer, and try to get something different every time.

It was @dlowe1992 that preferred the 10 over the 14.
Nice looking beer. Not sure I should ask but what's a strap on?
Its my first attempt at a Staropramen clone. I started calling it strap-on at our village pub because I was struggling to pronounce staropramen. Nice pint which is why I wanted to clone it. I think the taste is close but the colour is all wrong, the original is actually a bit amber.

By the way, the pub also sells Tyneside Blonde ale and I regularly order two blondes and a strap-on :laugh8:.
Impressive lacing. What's the trick?
Stable, good quality foam with small bubbles, clean glass and a vigorous poor. If you get large bubbles in your foam, it's an indication of foam negative material.
There's a lot of information in this video.

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