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Oct 7, 2016
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How many here are into fermenting foods?
My new year resolution was to lose 20kg before July (family holiday) so Ive cut way back on the beers and got into eating healthy food. Ive actually already beaten my 20kg target but decided to go for 28kg as this takes me to my "ideal weight" according to google.
So far this year I havent even emptied a keg so my last brew was in Jan when I made a sour which is aging in my foeder.
Recently I decided to have a go at fermenting healthy foods and drinks. Ive done a couple of batches or sauerkraut which I love and been eating with almost every meal (try homemade bread with avocado, sauerkraut, poached egg and covered with homemade hot sauce 🤤). Made some fermented hot sauces and got a load more fermenting as these will apparently improve with longer ferments, some do them for years.
Got some carrot and mooli sticks almost ready to eat, had a lot of success with fermented radishes, making my own yoghurts which are great and super easy using UHT milk. Also got a couple of batches of garlic fermenting in honey going and started making apple cider vinegar.

I plan to start fermented beetroot, onions, eggs, kefir, kombucha, cucumbers, etc and a few more vinegars, will try malt vinegar from some of the huge stock of beers I have in kegs.

Im finding it a fantastic new hobby which will help with keeping the weight off once I reach my target weight. Any one else into fermenting foods?
Fairplay, that's a serious amount of weight to shed!

How does the fermented food help if I may ask?
How does the fermented food help if I may ask?

I guess the main way is replacing beer with vegetables! Fermented foods are supposed to be very healthy due to the probiotics so great for gut health which also improves digestion.
Weight loss (rather than just general health) comes down to almost purely the difference in calories burned and calories consumed so it doesnt directly help. However instead of a packet of crisps or some biscuits when Im in the mood for a snack Ill have some fermented carrot and mooli sticks which are around 10-30 calories depending how many I eat instead of potentially 100-300 eating some junk food.

My reason for starting was more due to lack of drinking meaning I have no empty kegs and needed something else to do. Im enjoying it and will keep it up and keep experimenting.
I do kimchi and kombucha (shout up if you need a starter) both fantastic.

Might take you up on the starter for Kombucha, Im away for 2 weeks so will message when Im back.

I tried a kimchi but wasnt a fan, will probably give this another try when Im back as a lot of people seem to love it.
Couple of foody ferments on the go this weekend - my first attempt at Kimchi (Beetroot with Chilli and Garlic ) and a raw fermented blackberry and honey cordial.
Both take 1 - 2 weeks before ready and are sat in my brew fridge, also have some water kefir grains on the way which is something I've been wanting to try for a while after enjoying a commercial version.
I've done a few, the standards - kimchi and sauerkraut plus chillies and radishes. Radishes were nice as the turn a lovely pink. The chilli was good because unlike raw/cooked chillies they don't get hotter the more you eat them if you see what I mean, straight in with as hot as they are going to get. Haven't done any for a couple of months.
I make kvas, jarma and maksym - all my native non-alcoholis drinks, jarma and maksym can replace the lunch

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