How many litres of home brew 2020.

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19L Vienna Pils
19L Bourbon Oak Ale
19L "4C's" IPA
20L X-Mas Chocolate Stout
22L Citra Pale Ale

Total = 32,272
4.5ltr Red grape and apple supermarket wine using trub of wilko yeast.

22L Wilko Chocmeister Stout
21L Young's Harvest Lager
23L Woodforde's Wherry
21L Mangrove Jack's Belgian Saison

Total: 32,462L
Looks like covid might have helped smash last years record.

2018 total - 15337

2019 total - 22,170
Adding all my drinkable brews from this year just before the deadline - 112L making new total of 32,723 L

9L Rye-PA
11.5L Dry Stout
11.5L Dunkelweizen
11.5L Vienna APA #1
11.5L Bitter
11.5L Kiwi Pale
11.5L Porter
11.5L Citra Pale
11.5L Vienna APA #2
11L American Wheat
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Pitching tonight.
Makes 32,749 L