How many litres of home brew have you made 2023.

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8837 this year's cider just bottled 35 litres from scrumptious apples borrowed from the highways and bye ways
So since I past posted

MJ Kveik IPA 23L
Tropical England IPA 19L
Simply Export Stout 23L
Kőlsch 19L
Fuggle Bitter 11L
Dark Mild 19L
Total 114L

Total 9440 Litres
02/01/2023 Mangrove Jacks Juicy Session IPA 23 litres
21/01/2023 Homebrew Company Full Extract Blonde Ale 23 litres
12/02/2023 Mangrove Jacks Lime and Elderflower Apple Cider 23 litres
25/03/2023 Homebrew Company Full Extract Harpoon Hefeweizen 23 litres
14/06/2023 Mangrove Jacks Mango Pale Ale 23 litres
23/08/2023 Festival Razorback IPA 23 litres
24/10/2023 Mangrove Jacks Berliner Raspberry Weiss 23 litres

Total 🟰 9601 litres
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