How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

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Brewed a pale ale and 19l in the fermenter with a Wherry of 23l kegged alongside another brew of a very malty ale mixed with the Wherry all in 48l.
Total 28323
I have been a bit bad at updating this thread so since my last post I have made a further 171L to take the total to...
Had a slow end to the year but managed a little batch of Mango IPA in November, only bottled 6 litres as I had so much trouble with the trub. Every little helps though :laugh8:
(Just checked and I never totted up a batch of pseudo-lager I made in the summer, so add another 15L)

29,361 L
23 litres of Bruphoria Wit Bier and 23 litres of Festival German Weiss Beer.

Total = 29,407
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