How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

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Mar 17, 2013
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Ulverston Cumbria.
Last years record has been smashed was Covid part of the reason, did you make more in 2020 than you would have had covid not happened?

2020 total - 33156

2019 total - 22,170

2018 total - 15337
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First if the year. 23 litres of Czech Pilsner

69 litres
Swmbo brought home 1.5kg of bananas that were past their sell by date with the intention of 'banana bread' 1 week later they were still on the side.
5ltrs banana wine
Total 121ltrs
2020 was a bit of a banner year:

23L California Common
23L Helles w/Wakatu
23L Juicy NEIPA with Kveik
23L Dortmunder
23L Dortmunder MK2 (first lot stalled out a bit as I didn't step change my temp whilst crashing out of laziness)
23L Tropical IPA with Verdant IPA Yeast
23L Marzen
23L Tripel
23L Helles w/Wakatu and Saaz (using up some stuff I had)

Doing another 23L of the Tripel this weekend but i've got 2.5kg of Morello Cherries to rack that onto after fermenting, I'm also going to try and redo the Helles again next weekend.
22.5 litres Mild, 26 litres NPC 48.5 litres
+ 299.5 = 348 Litres

We're already ahead of last year when by Jan 7 we had 221 litres

We all need to pull together and acheers. drink our way to a new record.

Responsibly of course. :tongue:
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