How many litres of home brew have you made 2024

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Congrats on your first AG brew @Sneedhearn, just to let you know the running total is a cumulative total for the forum, rather than just your/any one poster's output.

Total - 1,302l
Thanks for putting me right on that @YeastFace. That explains a lot. I wondered how you guys had time for anything else whilst you were churning out 100's of litres per month! 😊
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Right, have added up the amounts posted.

 Current running total is 1,088.3l

Please make sure you reply to the last post in the thread, as some browsers will take you to older posts.
Good job @YeastFace ,
Well spotted @dad_of_jon ,
and welcome back to brewing again.
I thought that you had stopped?
I must have missed your return to the craft.
Have you changed your set-up to facilitate the process.
If already posted, just direct me to them, please.
The numbering on here is confusing. Assuming @Paul Anderson's and @stuartmarler's figures are their own production totals, we need to work out the correct combined running total. Another possibility is they were quoting an old figure and not the latest post?

Happy to do so once I have confirmation.
Mine was added to the latest post at the time of what had brewed.
I have just moved house ,now in to full production.18l Belgian Dubble and 25l of turbo cider.

1476 litres Total.

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