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He’s on the shed roof keeping an eye on his domain!
What's he thinking?
He's got an ",innocent " look about him...
"I've ONLY had 23 hours sleep today."
He's a great companion, but there's no innocence in him. Probably wondering what's next on the snack list. Or maybe wants me to go back to the office so he can sit between me and the laptop to help.
Here we have Sweeney, the big lazy black and white cat, and Ebony, who we unfortunately lost due to kidney failure in December 2020. Check out the thumbs lol.

Sweeney likes to spread hair and muck all over my window sills, but he’s the loveliest cat ever. Same for Ebony, she was my absolute best friend and sidekick.

Both RSPCA rescues which I got in 2008.

I'm pretty sure I can hold my own against all comers when it comes to having an infinity of cat photos.
I'll continue the theme with the youngest.
Moosey sunbath.jpg

refrigerator moosey.jpg

Moosey enjoying a sun bath, above, and being the hotdog guardian, below.
We don't allow them in the fridge but you try and lasso a cat in. What's done is done. Notice how a cat owner will take a photo before removing the cat.
Harry is now 6 months old, almost has heavy as Dexter the 8 year old moggie. He’s going to be a big boy.


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RIP Fluffy, one of my favourites cats of the many who’ve chosen to put up with me over the years. Very much on the spectrum but all the more lovable because of it (at least to me, the kids referred to him as the “wee special cat”).

And welcome to Tux. I had forgotten just how funny and lovable kittens are to have around.