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Starter is a try out, again, my new bitter.
Flavours just what I wanted, a proper hoppy bitter.
Will. it. please. clear!
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According to my son who was at the brewery, this was canned at 10am today, I reckon it won't see 10 pm....
Big fan of Neon Raptor. Was at the brewery last summer. Good times.

Also, if you find yourself in Nottingham, please get yourself down to the Bunkers Hill.
Fortunately, we were there for a week for the Ice Hockey. I managed to get through their entire board. Twice.
Discovered so many new beers.


Number 5 was my favourite on that board. Incredible.

And they do the most amazing pizza loaded chips. Think of lashings of pizza toppings on chips. Absolutely amazing the pepperoni one.

The aforementioned Hoppy Pale ale of Kent.
Challenger bittering from Hukins of High Halden, EKG in the middle, gleaned by me from down the lane over the road from me, and some of my first crop of First Gold hops at the end, from my Prima Donna plants in the garden.
Dank, aromatic and rich flavours.

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