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Nice day for a bike ride on the Reading Ale Trail.
Loddon Ferryman's Gold

And on to my KCB bitter.
Crystal clarity, pity it's coming to its end.
Sorry @Hazelwood I disagree for the first time, one can never have too much of Bitter!
Admittedly you did say, "for now".

Who remembers Sparky and His Magic Piano which also warningly said, "For Now" ?

Earlier whilst waiting for the adhesive to cure on the car window clips, I filled the time by training the burgeoning hop shoots:

Please ignore the Forget-me-nots, SWMBOd insists they make the garden pretty in the Spring.
Thanks to @dad_of_jon , I’m celebrating the end of a week’s annual leave with this Ris-Kier buisness which at 11.25% I will be sipping slowly. It’s dark, rich and knock your socks off flavour packed. A bready saison spicy aroma, hints of bitter orange and dark roasted coffee. Flavour is Belgian with bells on, full bodied espresso, saison spice and ending on a plum fruit bit of sweetness. There’s a fair wallop of bitterness there which I found a bit much with the first sip but I’m now picking up the fruitier sweeter end. Thank you this is one for sipping slowly!

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