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I really enjoyed judging at this one last year + there's a few of us Norwich Amateur Brewers folks planning to enter + go down and judge.

LAB comps are always well run with the judges well looked after.

<our hope is that judging a few lagers won't leave us wiped out at 5pm!>
There have been some issues with registration, (captcha related) which were resolved, but let me check on this.

Can you try on phone please and see if you have same issue?
Happy LTL Day to all those all who celebrate. May your pints be crisp and full of foam.

Tables have been arranged thusly


Will share the results stream later on.
Looking forward to the day. My Munich dunkle is too pale so won’t score well. But it tastes great so I’m not worried. Expecting a sub-30 score due to the colour.
Colour shouldn’t be so much of an issue, appearance carries a max score of 3 and includes other factors. Even if it were grey and murky (and if you could persuade someone to taste it!) you should only lose 3 points. 🤞

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