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Grains were 85% Vienna, 10% Chocolate, 5% flaked barley.

Pretty bold considering that for the small beer I used a yeast that should give me a lot of banana.
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Had a few of these last night and I’m somewhat pleased. It isn’t really all that beer-like, too thin, no malt character. It is very refreshing and hoppy, I can smell some yeast character but not really taste it. Head doesn’t really hang around.

If I decided to do it again I would definitely choose a primary beer with more going on and strongly consider capping the mash with some unfermentables.

Guess the acid test will be if I continue to reach for it but I did pour myself another today whilst working so there’s that to be said for it.
a cold beer while working
i like your style

Listen to my story

Today I checked FGs.

The Daughter Beer looks like a very diluted version of the Mother Beer (which makes sense because that's what It Is!).
While degassing (aka shaking) the samples, the Daughter Beer went headless in a minute, possibly matching the lack of head retention noted in previous experimeents in this thread.

OG was 1.006
FG is 1.002!

Considering room temperature Is 27C, I should add +1, and that makes 0,39% ABV!

It's tea. And chocolate. A chocotea. More bitter than expected and I expected less than 4 IBU, but still not too bitter!
Not sure if I taste the yeast, but there's a nice orange/citrus finish from the hops that makes this... enjoyable?

Well see with some carbonation, and possibly not at 27 C.
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Pleased to hear it! I’ve been enjoying mine too and it is a kind of hop tea but chilled down and carbed up there’s some bite to it even if it’s more watery than you’d want/expect real beer to be.

Need to get an order in for the next couple of brews. Thinking I might give murgy strait a go and use the “spent” grist but also cold steep some unfurmentables in advance to try and boost the body.