What are you drinking tonight 2023.

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Another Rust Bucket. Remembered the photo this time.

Haven't long sat down after a slow recovery from last night's shift night out and then the run around on "family stuff" then food shopping.
I've got an early start so just two beers...my Tribute which is now very good and the oatmeal stout which is also quite acceptable.
Tomorrow shall be last minute shopping on stuff I couldn't get today,curry prep and hopefully a few early snifters.

And lastly my blend of overly bitter Kent and Camden pale ales. KCB.
I'm fairly sure it's refermenting given the way it came out of the cask.
Probably put that down to my many times recovered Nottingham yeast on top of the Safale 05 fermented Camden.
Sure I got a whiff of Mandarin oranges when swirled in the glass!
Coz you can.

Pretty much.

I often walk past here where I was having it (it’s in the covered market in Oxford so market hours) when I am getting some lunch but since I’m normally at work, a beer and a pizza is not a good idea, so it was nice to just have a pizza and a beer and watch the world go by.

Stout itself was fairly well balanced and not too heavy on the lactose, alt though a bit of a pain to pour. Pizza was also pretty good, the bar in question has three units in the market (a pub, a wine shop and a pizza stand) and it’s licence covers all three units so it makes for a pretty good lunch spot.
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