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Found another SN beer I like along with the Double stout. This was a nice traditional English IPA
Tonight my 'signature' Best Bitter, malt in the mouth and a bitter finish. I love the word, 'Signature' thank you Charlie Bamforth.athumb..Checking on phase two of the Coopers yeast build coming along nicely, The following and final phase will be in 2.5 litres of wort.
Next up my Extra Stout, I do love a good stout. Full-bodied, dark dusky, and mysterious. Just as I like my women, well I would if my wife would let me.


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Good old Ingersoll there. Those and the Smiths Empire pocket watches were identical (on the dial Made in Gt Britain), some sort of investment tie-up.
Not to be confused with the 15 jewel Smiths deluxe. (on the dial Made in England).

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OK it's an obsessive hobby with me. Especially Smiths of England 1947-'72. 😳
My grandfather used to collect clocks and repair them if need be, my father did the same, even watches. One of the best tricks I saw him do was put a watch, back off over a small Vic's jar with kerosene and cotton wool in it. The next morning the watch was going!
All my clocks I sold, weren't worth a lot, mainly American mass-produced at the turn of the century. We lived in a Californian Bungalow with 13-foot ceilings so suited the house. When we moved into the outer suburbs and a more modern house they didn't look right, plus the din of the chiming and ticking. My wife was glad to see the back of them.
Coffee Stout 5.2%, from Aldi. Not something I would usually buy as I don't usually go for any stouts that have a prefix, but @Chippy_Tea raves about the Badger Coffee Stout, so I gave this one a try.

Says notes of coffee, caramel and vanilla, which I would agree with. Quite chocolatey too in smell and taste. It's good, rich and more of a sipper but nice to try. Have you tried this one, Chippy?

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