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I've just got my first brew on of the year, and i reckon it'll be ready for this, so i'm in for 2.
I'm also happy to provide a 3rd as a back up.
Evening all, Halloween is over and that can only mean one thing, it's time to start thinking about Christmas!

For most people the Secret Santa Swap doesn't need any introduction. For those who do it's very simple, keep reading.

A few weeks before Christmas you send off a beer to one or two different forum members. You will then get a beer from either one or two brewers in return. All beers are sent anonymously or else it wouldn’t be a secret.

The swap is open to all types of brewers, from kits to all grain, beginners to old hands. Don't be put off by the thought of your beer being reviewed, it’s Christmas and positive, constructive feedback is expected. This is not the place for a competition style deconstruction.

If you’re up for joining in this year’s fun post "I'm in" or something similar below and send me a PM with your postal details (even if you sent them to me before). The closing date for this years entries will be Friday 1st December allowing 2 and a bit weeks to package and post your bottle(s) before the last postal date for Christmas (Monday 18th December). Your swaps will be sent to you by PM on Saturday 2nd or Sunday 3rd December. I recommend posting beers before Monday 11th if possible, in the event of a breakage there’s still time to get a replacement bottle out for a Christmas Eve arrival. When you receive a beer, post a quick photo so your Santa knows that their bottle has arrived safely. If you’ve already swapped at lot of beer with someone else whose taking part, let me know and I’ll try to direct your swaps elsewhere.

I will post periodic updates in this thread on who’s in and for how many bottles. Keep an eye out for these updates and make sure I’ve got you in correctly.

As always the review thread will open on Christmas Eve, in the meantime happy brewing every one :cheers3:.
Can i send 500ml pet bottles? Iv just used the krausen method for priming and would love some feed
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We have 25 runners so far. Have a quick check that I've got the bottle count right and I haven't missed anyone out.

@Alastair702 bottles
@The-Engineer-That-Brews2 bottles
@pilgrimhudd2 bottles
@dave_772 bottles
@YeastFace2 bottles
@Stu's Brews2 bottles
@samale2 bottles
@starseeker2 bottles
@brewhaha2 bottles
@Benfleet Brewery2 bottles
@Begbie2 bottles
@CookieMomster2 bottles
@Leon1032 bottles
@Twostage2 bottles
@Fazzer2 bottles
@phildo792 bottles
@RichardM2 bottles
@SMP Brewery2 bottles
@Libigage2 bottles
@MickDundee2 bottles
@tondy792 bottles
@andyb132 bottles
@nidge2 bottles
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Most people send 500ml bottles, PET or glass. I've never heard of the krausen method of priming. Looking forward to an explanation.
I used to use this method, as stated it's to do with the German purity law. Anyone who bought or uses recipes from braumeister will be familiar with it.
I would of held back and froze 1.5 litres of wort . This was then thawed and boiled before adding to the bottling bucket. This second fermentation carbonated the bottle's
There is a calculation to use on how much wort to save back. Batch size and abv need to be taken into consideration and the carbonation level required
Ok, so this is a new one for me. What is the krausen method for priming?
my understanding is Krausening is an old German method to prime beer,i think it was due to the German brewing laws ie water, barley and hops only. Actively fermenting wort of the same recipe in high krausen is added at a ratio of 5 to 20% to a fully fermented batch instead of sugar to can bottle or keg.I've bottled with 7.5% and 10% for comparison 🤔

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